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Ellis Beach Wear brand was found in 2011 by 2 very passionate people, Elisandra Tomacheski and Marsio Schneider, and quickly became reference to beach wear in the south of Brazil, where all the pieces are manufactured. As of today we can proudly say that we are present in all regions of Brazil and in more then 8 countries worldwide.

We attend hight standard stores that always want the best for their clients.

Elisandra Tomacheski is the beauty that gives the name to the brand, traveled along 5 continents and always had the passion for fashion, lived over 5 years in NYC and currently lives in Miami Beach.

Marsio Schneider the young entrepreneur that left he's career at the financial market and let him self fall for the passion of getting he's own business.

Together they decide to come up with a unique brand that carries a lot of attitude, sofistcation, style and amazing taste.

Fair enough accessible to every beautiful soul out there.

The Ellis beach wear factory was stablished in 2012 located in the south of Brazil where the mixture of technology and hand made products comes together for the best quality for our consumers.

Highly comfortable and primarily designed. Thats  what we offer, you can see and feel how much love the Ellis team puts in to it.

It's made just for you
Be beautiful. Be Ellis.